Welcome to the Montgomery County
Young Women's Leadership Symposium

If you are interested or have a passion for moving women's initiatives forward, this event is for you! The Young Women's Leadership Symposium is a phenomenal opportunity to transform our community into a truly inclusive environment where young women are encouraged to reach their full potential.


Bring It On: Creating My Success


Our Mission

The mission of the Young Women’s Leadership Symposium is to promote the development of future business leaders by giving young women access to mentors and businesses that support their goals. The Symposium will focus on leadership, college and career planning, diversity, advocating for young women and much more.


Who Should Attend

The Young Women's Leadership Symposium will bring together eighth grade middle school female students from the Houston and surrounding areas. Attendance is FREE!



Each of the young women will have the opportunity to interact, in a small group setting, with at least one mentor who is a professional with at least 3-10 years of experience from an organization or company in the Houston area.

RSVP to Laura Alvarado at [email protected]. For more info during the day of the event contact Rachel Robledo at (832) 420-8155.