Student Registration

Please Register by Saturday, March 18th, 2023*
There is no fee to participate

For more details about the 2023 Young Women’s Leadership Symposium, please contact Connell Osteen.

*By completing this online form, I am submitting the registration and authorizing participation for my Young Woman (Student) at the 2023 Young Women's Leadership Symposium March, 2023. This acknowledges that as the parent or guardian of Young Woman (Student) attendee, transportation to and from the Symposium will be my sole responsibility. I take full responsibility and waive and release from any liability all Symposium organizers, all Symposium Sponsors, and all parties of the Florida Diversity Council. Student participation in the 2023 Young Women's Leadership Symposium is fully voluntary. I also grant permission for my daughter (or granddaughter, student) to be included in group event photos.